Project S(v)odobnost: Short Glossary of Contemporary Art Terms   

Within the framework of S(v)odobnost project and in collaboration with SCCA–Ljubljana, KUD Mreža, ŠKUC and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija, we have prepared an art history glossary of contemporary art terms which provides adequate information to school students, teachers and other curious minds.

The Slovenian only online glossary comprises clear and comprehensible explanations for art history terms that have been pointed out to us by teachers, stating that they lack teaching materials which they could use to acquaint their pupils (and themselves) with these notions.

A list of terms can be found here.

We have defined the more difficult terms by using examples in contemporary artwork and added some more general terms to facilitate their contextualisation. The explanations are equipped with images, questions and applicable assignments that enable an experience-based, reflective and dialogical approach to the educationalists as well as the youth.

The terms were prepared by Nevena Aleksovski, Tea Hvala, Miha Kelemina, Sebastian Krawczyk and Rok Vevar within project S(v)odobnost – Develop your potential through contemporary art.

Studio Asylum announces list of artists in residence in 2020   

Voting for Bodeča Neža 2019-2020 has started   

Bodeča Neža is awarded for the most sexist statement of the year by the Red Dawns collective and the editorial board of website together with the interested public. This dishonorable title can be given to anyone who publicly attacks, humiliates and insults others based on gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Of the many nominated statements we received via our online form, the working group judged that 33 statements met the criteria for sexist speech. Which is the most spiky one?

We leave the decision to you.

Who will receive the dishonorable award is going to be decided together at the award-giving ceremony on 3 March 2020, Tuesday, which will happen this year in cooperation with City Of Women. In addition to the spiky tenderness for the sexist statement, WoW Awards will also be presented for feminist heroines.


FriFormA\V event series starts its season with Billy Roisz and dieb13   

Over the years, Billy Roisz and dieb13 alias Dieter Kovačič have directed and produced several experimental short films that deal with classic film genres, such as westerns, horror films or “road movies”. The films explore the internal mechanisms of established cinematic conventions and turn them into an immediate sensory experience. TWIXT uses rearranged recordings of these short films as a score for a live sound recording and merges abstract, and concrete recordings and sounds into a synesthetic experience.


Entrance fee: 5€
Concert series FriFormA\V co-financed by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.

13 February 2020, Thursday 21.00 – Osmo/za, Ljubljana