Alkatraz Gallery’s The Country Gentlemen exhibition toys with diverse perception of nature while trying to warn of the dichotomy: on the one hand we have a rational view on nature, always in search of how to master it, on the other hand, however, there are traditional societies who do not know of gentlemen and are building their life in co-existence with nature.

Both artists, Goran Medjugorac and Art Larson use several approaches in order to grasp the idea of how to capture nature in a medium. In their research they worship nature and their inspiration draws on romantic ideas of discovery and contemplation on the petiteness of a human before nature. It always stands above a human.

Painter Goran Medjugorac within the monumental drawing – as an autonomous medium – by mathematical patterns attempts to synthesize a direct reflection of nature. Preciseness, vitality and discipline are detected in his strokes. The medium of drawing enables him liveliness, inconclusiveness, openness and construction of an art form that in the process of creation stumbles upon limitation and the awareness of the imperfection of the human in relation to nature.

Art Larson makes a video recording of tree life, which in comparison to a human life, appears slow and infinite. During the observation, he keeps facing his own physical weakness and limitation, so immanent to our existence.

You are kindly invited you to the exhibition opening of The Country Gentlemen by Goran Medjugorac and Art Larson on 9 May, Tuesday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery.

On display: 9 May 2017 – 3 June 2017