An old acquaintance on the Ljubljana free jazz and improvised music scene, Martin Küchen is returning after a few years break, this time with his Swedish friend and collaborator Herman Müntzing as duo Scheibenhonig. At ŠKUC Gallery they are going to present and promote their debut album Rop På Hjälp which got released recently on Inexhaustible Editions.

The opening set of the evening will be presented by the viola-cello duo of Szilárd Mezei and Albert Márkos. Mezei’s playing is full of dynamism, sense of transition between various musical expressions – so what we can expect here is a full-blooded, exciting and highly concentrated mind-game with his long-time collegue, classically trained cellist, Albert Márkos.

13 March 2017, Monday 20.00 – ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana