We are inviting you to the opening exhibition of Marina Milev Tail Contest on 26 May, Friday 9 pm by the tower opposite of Night Display Gallery Pešak, AKC Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana.

This time, visitors will be cordially invited to participate by casting a vote for the selection of the most beautiful exhibits tails which will be announced on the last day of the exhibition. As a continuation of the project will be followed by street art intervention performed by the artist in honor of winning the tail carried out in Belgrade.

“Election rallies thus resemble animalistic mating rituals and the inducing of fear, aimed at finding a partner or defeating natural foes. For that purpose, animals use different parts of their body, but most often their tails. Some mammals use their tails for balancing, maneuvering in battle, climbing with greater ease and showing their emotions. Birds usually use their tail for courting, while some insects carry lethal poison in their tails. All these tail – derived functions correspond to many skills and behaviors displayed in political rallies. In the Serbian language, a tail also represents some sort of burden or unsolved problem from the past.

This project “Tail Contest” portrays in an illustrative manner the banality of rhetoric in pre-election campaigns. By-passers and local citizens will have to use their electoral right, based on their visual impression, to circle the number in front of the most beautiful tail shown in this exhibition. They will be encouraged to put the voting paper in the voting box. On the last day of the exhibition, the winning tail will be announced. As a follow -up project, the Author will make a long lasting tribute to the winning tail in some form of street art in Belgrade.” – pesakpesak.wordpress.com