Please note: tonight’s open-air Metabonma event with Slovenian percussion duo Drumartica has been postponed due to the rainy weather conditions – the concert will happen later in November so please stay tuned, thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

The third concert of this year’s Metabonma concert series is happening on 7 September at 9.30 pm, and we are proud to invite top Slovenian percussion duo Drumartica. The duo will present their Night Trips project. In addition to the music, the project also involves dance and video. Free admission!

The concept of the project is the result of imagination of the Drumartica members, Simon Klavžar and Jože Bogolin. The film, based on the story of Bogolin, is the work of cameraman Gregor Gobec. The dance part will be contributed by dancer and choreographer Nataša Živković. The program:

· Bruce Hamilton: Night Trips (vibraphone, marimba and tape-soundtrack)
· Robert Marino: 8 On Three And 9 On Two (set of drums, bongos and roto-tom drums)
· Steve Reich: Piano (marimba), Phase (two marimba)
· Jacob TV: Grab It (marimba, set of drums and tape-soundtrack)
·  N. J. Živković: Sex In The Kitchen (two sets of drums and kitchen utensils)

7 September 2017, Thursday 21.30 – Metelkova Museum Platform, Ljubljana

Concert series supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and MOL – Department of Culture.
Co-organizing: Kult3000
Drumartica photo: Domen Pal