In 2018, the year’s first FriForma event is happening in a special collaboration with Slovenia’s most prominent concert organizers for challenging music: Zavod Sploh’s Confine Aperto, Miha Zadnikar’s Defonija, HUD “O”s Rojišče, Klub Metulj’s Sunday Noise and KUD Mreža’s FriForma are sproudly present a newly born international free jazz octet on 11 January, Thursday 21.00 at Klub Gromka.

The seeds of this heavy-weight group have been planted at this year’s Improcon, and now, American vocalist Linda Sharrock and German saxophonist Mario Rechtern’s new group, Nuclear Dream Weavers Compound, featuring stellar musicians from Slovenia and Serbia – Marko Karlovčec on saxophones, Marina Džukljev on Fender Rhodes, Tomaž Grom and Jošt Drašler on double bass, Aleksandar Škorić and Vid Drašler on drums – is giving its first ever public performance in Ljubljana. This is going to be loud, fast and rather furious!

11 January 2018, Thursday 21.00 – Klub Gromka, Ljubljana