Animation …Smell The Coffee is the starting point for a new work at the five windows of Night Display Gallery Pešak. Although the individual elements that appear to us as drawings (or frames) are integral parts of the animation, but because of the author’s choice of only certain frames, gaps are created. Transfering the artwork …Smell The Coffee to Night Display Gallery Pešak is a transformation of the media itself. Although the viewer can access the video, it is not broadcast live, but must be opened by itself using a smartphone or similar devices. With this method, the author opens up various possibilities of entering to the exhibition and artwork.

You are kindly invited to the exhibiton opening of …Smell The Coffee by Mia Paller on 22 June, Friday at 9.30 pm at Night Display Gallery Pešak, Ljubljana.

On display: 22 June 2018 – 6 July 2018