“Drawing Jam Session (Risarski jam session) is a project of a group of artists started in 2016. The majority of their meetings since last October took place in the Alkatraz Gallery, during that time not operating as a public exhibition space, but as an intimate-social space intended for socializing and creation. A simple co-operational frame was set up: regular meetings at the agreed location, employment of basic drawing utensils, attempt to combine and merge different artistic approaches within a singular drawing, all in the attempt to emphasize the artefact as the reason for the continuation of a dialogue, and not as the final stop of the process. The project resulted in the What Is Yours, Nothing Is Yours! exhibition.

Group creation stems from the desire and urge of the artists to socialize, exchange skills, open up to new creative approaches, and also to develop one’s own, individual artistic language. Most of the artists involved regard the so modified creative process as the key element for their co-operation. The drawings are, utmost, regarded as experiments that occasionally or for some develop and transcend into completed works; like with every creative process, these two categories alternate.” – galerijalkatraz.org

Participating artists: Nevena Aleksovski, Ivana Bajec, Erik Mavrič, Miha Perne, Adrijan Praznik and Iva Tratnik.

You are kindly invited to the exhibition opening of What Is Yours; Nothing Is Yours! on 5 July, Wednesday at 6 pm at Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana. The exhibition is curated by Anabel Černohorski and Sebastian Krawczyk.

On display: 5 July 2017 – 28 July 2017