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Since 2000, when Red Dawns first rose above Metelkova mesto, the festival has lived through quite some changes. It was influenced by everybody who participated at the festival, discussed it, and most importantly, noticed the inevitable contradictions that arise from the desire to politicize art and esteticize politics. In the mean time, what was once a women's festival turned into a feminist-queer celebration.

Rather than defining them once and for all, Red Dawns fest still prefers to question the possible intersections between feminisms and queer politics. For example, we wonder whether the strict border between "social" gender and "biological" sex makes sense in a world in which both are culturally defined. And what does sexuality have to do with it? Especially sex as business that puts forced prostitution and voluntary work in the porn industry in the same category. And which sexes and bodies remain invisible? Where are the kind of porn films that oppose the monopoly of predictable and profitable porn industry? What do contemporary independent porn films tell us about pleasure? There is no end to these questions.

In 2009, we also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Women's Day with an eye on very contemporary problems - the worsening conditions of work for women. We wonder who does, or rather, works on feminist politics and art in Slovenia today. And for whom? We are also curious about how you see Red Dawns' attempts at merging politics with fun. Are you interested in feminist struggles of the past - or those that are being fought right now? Do you think about the future? Are you interested in the predictable and "real" or that which you can dream of? We would like to use the occasion of festive feelings on Red Dawns' 10th anniversary to invite you to join forces - and hands - with us in the utopian dance on the slippery edge of a most certainly real world of binaries...

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