Working visit: 01. 04. 2013 - 01. 04. 2016

Abel Heijkamp graduated at the Art Academy Den Bosch in The Netherlands in 2007. Some of his sculptures installed in public spaces can be viewed on his official website. After completing his studies, he started to focus on production of documentary films. He made a great success with an investigative documentary entitled Leegstand Zonder Zorgen which is revealing the phenomenon of anti-squatting / property guardians.

In 2012, he completed his training for his further development and expertise in filmmaking at Open Studio in Amsterdam. His works primary focus on social issues and bringing to the light stories of common people. As a researcher and spokesman, he is active in the Bond Precaire Woonvormen, an union which provides support for people living in precarious housing. On the subject of precariousness and changing living conditions, he regularly publishes articles and organizes discussions.

Together with Julijan Borštnik, Abel Heijkamp is currently working on a four-part web documentary entitled The Future Of Work, in which they are documenting their research on contemporary labour conditions in The Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany – and in general in Europe. The first episode, entitled Alles Flex? / All Flex? has been published here.