Working visit: 02. 04. 2018 - 26. 04. 2018

Hunjoo Jung is a sound designer, improviser and composer, born in Seul (South Korea), who, besides his composing work, had also performed a concert with a local video artist Lina Rico during his residence at Studio Asylum. Besides his orientation to intermedia and visual installations in recent years, Hunjoo is basically an experimentalist in acoustic, electronic and electroacoustic musical worlds. His main interest lies in exploring multilayered ways, in which live video and video mapping are combined together, along with lighting, lasers and sensors, which all are used in a number of different combinations together with his music. In addition to his rich collection of numerous awards and residential performances, this year he has received the first prize, presented to him by the jury of Georges Aperghis (Mykonos, Greece).