Working visit: 02. 05. 2018 - 30. 06. 2018

Katrin Kadelke, Illustrator, moved her workspace for two months from New Zealand to Ljubljana. Integrating the new enviroment into her watercolour caricaturs, she collected “Bits’n Pieces” in different places in town and created a special series about Ljubljana and Slovenia. These 30 collages and about 50 other drawings were created during her stay in our studio. “Metelkova was the ultimate place and space for the right mindset to do my artwork. It’s about life and living, facets in our daily behaviour, about the sound of moments, about unexpected colour, humor, strength and hidden places who want’s to be discovered. All of it you’ll find at Metelkova!” The “Metelkova Rat” with a fallen off green piece from the Metelkova wall, was the first drawing out of “Bits’n Pieces” and will probably find it’s print purposes for the team around the culture centre.