Working visit: 16. 04. 2019 - 26. 04. 2019

“We stayed at studio asylum for approximately a week. The aim was to pursue an ongoing project we have together called the “precess series“. The outcome of our residency will constitute the third issue in the series.

After working specifically with field recordings for the first issue and sound objects for the second, we wanted this time to write scores for musical instruments. The scores are derived from field recordings of specific places in Ljubljana for a small ensemble of 3 musicians.

After working « long distance » for the first two projects, this time we wanted to work closely together in a project that could be achieved in a specific and short period of time. Ljubjana and Metelkova was a perfect place  or us to meet, discuss our project, gather material, and compose the scores with an easy access to nature.“

Léo Dupleix (Paris, 1988) is an electronic musician, piano player, mainly working in the improvised and experimental fields. He uses computer, contact microphones, speakers, electronic devices, Pianet (electric piano from the 70’s), synthesizers, field recordings, to create his music. He is interested in non-idiomatic (and sometimes idiomatic) improvisation, and composition, mainly electro-acoustic (but also for acoustic instruments).