Working visit: 08. 07. 2022 - 30. 07. 2020

During his working residency, at the Stables building in AKC Metelkova mesto, young Tuscan street artist Marco Galli created a large window into the world of different cultures, a world in which people learn about diversity through dialogue, curiosity and respect. He restored the wall with existing graffiti, added new ones and painted a wooden baroque frame, once owned by the Ljubljana Cathedral. His work has a humanitarian message, as it covers the topic of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have found a place to socialize on Metelkova. The work is a symbol of multiculturalism as a coexistence and richness of diversity.

The author wanted to draw the public’s attention to the population of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, increase tolerance and thus symbolically facilitate their integration into society.