Working visit: 01. 12. 2016 - 07. 02. 2017

Ryuzo Fukuhara, a dancer and a choreographer, was born in 1965 in Japan. He started his career as a dancer after attending Butoh workshop led by Semi-maru from the group Sankaijuku in 1987. He joined the Butoh group Maijuku in 1991 directed by Min Tanaka. From 2000 onwards Fukuhara lived and worked in Europe.
In 2006 he was awarded the 2nd prize of solo-dance contest at 11. Masdanza – the International Contemporary Dance Festival in Canary Islands, Spain. He was invited to Arsenale della Danza as a teacher of dance master class in La Biennale di Venezia, Italy in 2010. He produced a performance “Not.A.Void” which contained workshop, presentation and dance performances and organized a tour in 6 cities in Japan and Slovenia in 2011.
He co-created and educated in Paris, Berlin, Prague and South Korea and cooperated at the Festival GuimaraesNocNoc which was as a part of European culture capital in Portugal and Slovenia.
In his masterclasses he asks dancers to interpret the environment around them, pushing them to get rid of their conventions, changing the way they move and think. This becomes an existential and a physical journey for dancers.