Working visit: 30. 08. 2018 - 30. 09. 2018

Theo Vonwood a.k.a. Vincent Pernnollet is an artist, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, composer & illustrator, born in France in 1980. He was growing up listening to blues, psychedelic and grunge music and was initially trained in classical and jazz music and became a musician through exploring improvisation. Theo learned to draw in his childhood by spending numerous hours with his talented grandmother. Being a musician first, Theo (Vincent), once again returned to drawing in 2016 after having been asked to help with mounting Vendetta and PrintNoiz, the annual exhibitions organized by Le Dernier Cri. As a “welcome agent” at PrintNoiz he had time to soak up the visual substance of Le Dernier Cri.  He finally returned to drawing after being offered a wall to do a big drawing. His drawings are known for organic, fine and sexual lines that are influence by dreams. Theo’s book Strangers was published by Epox & Botox Editions in 2017.


Theo Vonwood about his residency stay

“I spent one month in the residency to work on my next abstract comic Vox Clamantis Inferno.  During the residency I met with Nez Pez, a visual artist from Ljubljana, for a jamming draw session. I also met with other artists from Ljubljana: Leon Zoudar, Miha Perne and Nevena Aleksovski. For me Ljubljana was an ideal location since I had a chance to present my new project at Gallery Siva at AKC Medika in Zagreb and I was also able to display my work at a collective exhibition at Belgrade’s Novo Doba Festival“.