Working visit: 16. 10. 2016 - 20. 11. 2016

Willhelm Grässlich is a conceptual artist, avantgarde poet, musician and cultural history researcher, Prague. He creates within the contemporary European underground-avantgarde. He publishes avantgarde books bordering on conceptual art and plays rather experimental music –  noise band Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus, avantgarde industrial jazz band Surfin’ Bazooka and drone-doom Lhostejnost, besides he works and improvises with various visual artwork together with many other experimental artists. He is also very active in gore/grindcore field through bands Bambulkyne Dobrodružstvá a Den Lumíků. Moreover he manages two DIY distributions, one focused on independent literature (Pravěk) and the second on various extreme/experimental music (Pravěk Noise Section).

Besides his various artistic projects he is an active cultural studies researcher, concretely Ph.D. student at Institute of economic and social history, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. He is an active member of Centre for the Study of Popular Culture, a non-profit organization  interested in the topics of popular culture as an important factor for societal imagination and representations. He publishes for Czech magazines HIS Voice, Lógr or H_aluze.

Within his stay in Studio Azil Metelkova he was researching Slovenian fanzine culture. He presented his current research and various central-eastern European avantgarde artwork (partly from Pravěk and Pravěk Noise Section distributions) at Dobra Vaga together with a theoretical cultural studies lecture.

Moreover Willhelm Grässlich deafened Slovenia twice within that time – by live on air show at Radio Študent (link below), and on noise session called Mrož fest in Menza pri koritu, Metelkova.



Cultural studies theories: