Neven Korda’s Memories Of Exile at Alkatraz Gallery   

Memories Of Exile is a conceptual installation represented in the form of video, used to create new entities by breaking up, deconstructing, and manipulating (predominantly) fully formed self-sufficient structures by interconnecting, blurring, and voiding.

The installation is a part of Neven Korda’s practice of “pure video”, he started to explore at the turn of the millennium that aims to explore beauty in the expression of the emotional, poetic views of the modern man.

You are kindly invited you to the exhibition opening of Memories Of Exile by Neven Korda on 21 August, Monday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery.

On display: 21 August 2017 – 31 August 2017

What Is Yours, Nothing Is Yours! – a group exhibition at Alkatraz Gallery   

“Drawing Jam Session (Risarski jam session) is a project of a group of artists started in 2016. The majority of their meetings since last October took place in the Alkatraz Gallery, during that time not operating as a public exhibition space, but as an intimate-social space intended for socializing and creation. A simple co-operational frame was set up: regular meetings at the agreed location, employment of basic drawing utensils, attempt to combine and merge different artistic approaches within a singular drawing, all in the attempt to emphasize the artefact as the reason for the continuation of a dialogue, and not as the final stop of the process. The project resulted in the What Is Yours, Nothing Is Yours! exhibition.

Group creation stems from the desire and urge of the artists to socialize, exchange skills, open up to new creative approaches, and also to develop one’s own, individual artistic language. Most of the artists involved regard the so modified creative process as the key element for their co-operation. The drawings are, utmost, regarded as experiments that occasionally or for some develop and transcend into completed works; like with every creative process, these two categories alternate.” –

Participating artists: Nevena Aleksovski, Ivana Bajec, Erik Mavrič, Miha Perne, Adrijan Praznik and Iva Tratnik.

You are kindly invited to the exhibition opening of What Is Yours; Nothing Is Yours! on 5 July, Wednesday at 6 pm at Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana. The exhibition is curated by Anabel Černohorski and Sebastian Krawczyk.

On display: 5 July 2017 – 28 July 2017

Brina Ivanetič’s Breath-In / Breath-Out at Alkatraz Gallery   

“With her installation Brina Ivanetič continues her sculptural research into the issue of absence and what is that visualizes the absence. Embodying this particular absence, her works are caught in an ambivalent and inherently sculptural interplay of the material and immaterial, where the sculptural object is shaped by a trail and an impression of some presence. Amidst the consideration there is often a human body, re-defined into its negative form to evade from a classical understanding of figural depiction. A somewhat peculiar trail of a human body is also what the current installation brings. When we enter the dimmed cube of the spatial installation, we gaze at the alternatingly illuminated bust masks having been used in cancer-patient therapies at the oncological department. Into the artwork, in this manner, a hunch of death creeps, further thematised by the sound of several different breathings and the alternating light. Masks as a cast, a shell of some patient in a grave moment as well as the recording of the breathing of random persons as their trail in some random moment – both find themselves caught within a joined frame, in a tense relation. The segments and the trails – with their presence – evoke the absence of some human presence – the people who have left these traces behind.” –

You are kindly invited to the exhibition opening of Breath-In / Breath-Out by Brina Ivanetič. The event will take place on 7 June, Wednesday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana. The exhibition is curated by Iza Pevec.

On display: 7 June 2017 – 30 June 2017

Goran Medjugorac and Art Larson’s exhibition at Alkatraz Gallery   

Alkatraz Gallery’s The Country Gentlemen exhibition toys with diverse perception of nature while trying to warn of the dichotomy: on the one hand we have a rational view on nature, always in search of how to master it, on the other hand, however, there are traditional societies who do not know of gentlemen and are building their life in co-existence with nature.

Both artists, Goran Medjugorac and Art Larson use several approaches in order to grasp the idea of how to capture nature in a medium. In their research they worship nature and their inspiration draws on romantic ideas of discovery and contemplation on the petiteness of a human before nature. It always stands above a human.

Painter Goran Medjugorac within the monumental drawing – as an autonomous medium – by mathematical patterns attempts to synthesize a direct reflection of nature. Preciseness, vitality and discipline are detected in his strokes. The medium of drawing enables him liveliness, inconclusiveness, openness and construction of an art form that in the process of creation stumbles upon limitation and the awareness of the imperfection of the human in relation to nature.

Art Larson makes a video recording of tree life, which in comparison to a human life, appears slow and infinite. During the observation, he keeps facing his own physical weakness and limitation, so immanent to our existence.

You are kindly invited you to the exhibition opening of The Country Gentlemen by Goran Medjugorac and Art Larson on 9 May, Tuesday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery.

On display: 9 May 2017 – 3 June 2017

The Clash by Eriz Moreno and Valerie Wolf Gang at Alkatraz   

“The exhibition brings together three people: artists Valerie Wolf Gang and Eriz Moreno and the curator Kateřina Lenzová. They personally met here in Ljubljana in 2016 which resulted in a joint project. The unifying theme of this project is the subject of artistic mobility which has currently a significant impact on artistic practices and interdisciplinary co-operations.

The works presented at the exhibition were made during international artistic residencies. They demonstrate how a new and foreign environment affects artistic creation and the artists. Staying abroad involves constant confrontation of opinions, attitudes and values, providing the artists with a rich source of inspiration and new experiences. In their works the artists reflect not only the world around them, but also their position in it.” –

You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition The Clash by Eriz Moreno and Valerie Wolf Gang on 4 April, Tuesday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery. You are kindly invited also to the discussion at the SCCA Project Room: “Artist Abroad – Discussion About Artistic Mobility And Its Influence On Art” with the artists and the curator on 3 April, Monday at 6 pm.

On display: 4 April 2017 – 28 April 2017