The Uprising Social Workers’ collective says goodbye to Alkatraz   

“Why do you show your tits? What kind of connection is there between banks, trouble at the borders and feminism? Such radical photos will not achieve anything!”

The Uprising Social Workers’ collective wants to say goodbye to their exhibition at Alkatraz Gallery in an interactive way, so we have prepared a guided tour which will present their work and its message. You are kindly invited to join the I Spit On Revolution! exhibition closing guided tour on 30 March, Thursday at 5.30 pm. The event will happen in Slovene language, with the possibility of translation into English.

I Spit On Revolution! – The Uprising Social Workers at Alkatraz Gallery   

“The Uprising Social Workers, at the current Red Dawns Festival, present their third feminist calendar, this time in the form of an exhibition of photographs, paintings, sculptures, videos and texts that have been created in the four years of our activity. The exhibition opening at Alkatraz Gallery will be accompanied by a performance.” –

You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition I Spit On Revolution! by The Uprising Social Workers collective, followed by an opening performance, on 9 March, Thursday at 7 pm at Alkatraz Gallery. The project is co-organized by KUD Anarhiv and part of Red Dawns – 18th International Feminist And Queer Festival.

On display: 9 March 2017 – 31 March 2017

Residence Of The Void: exhibition closing guided tour by Dajana Durić   

Croatian artist Dajana Durić’s The Residence Of The Void exhibition will finish with a guided tour hosted by the artist on 3 March, Friday at 6 pm. Dajana Durić is going to tell us about the background of the project: ideas behind the design as well as some interesting details about the long process of creating her displayed artwork. The gallery team is keen to ask her about connections between her original site-specific installation and the Far-Eastern concepts of harmony and peace, and also about want do they mean to her personally. You are kindly invited to join the discussion and the special guided tour on Friday at Alkatraz Gallery.

Dajana Durić’s Residence Of The Void at Alkatraz Gallery   

“Dajana Durić is an artist yet unbeknownst to the Slovenian audience. However, since her artistic language is original and perfected, she will certainly attract the public with her exhibition in Alkatraz Gallery. She does not conceal her interests under the veil of poetics, she prefers to articulate them clearly: she likes to arrange spaces that allow the presentation of situations representing transience of human moods and the multi-layeredness of memories. The spaces that she constructs are distinguished not only by their visual sensibility, but also by the strong presence of scent, sound and sensation which contribute to a more active perception of the exhibition.

It is interesting to observe how her artistic message is not shaped only by the imagination and an original multi-layered creativity, but also diligent work, always the result of the long process of the birth of an art piece. Her exhibitions require several months or even years of creation, the Residence Of The Void project took a year to complete – a tenacious work thus represents an important component of her artistic language.

The site-specific installation, exhibited in our gallery, will be composed of 72 canvases in the dimension of 60×60 cm, onto which a collage made from tea bags will be attached, and which, during the exhibition, scatter on the floor, thus changing the arrangement of the installation in the gallery.” –

You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition Residence Of The Void by Dajana Durić on 10 February, Friday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery.

On display: 10 February 2017 – 3 March 2017

Group exhibition The Man At The Border at Alkatraz Gallery   

“The inquiring about the concept of border seems to be a never-ending quest for identity and understanding of relations with the other. It should suffice to look at the art of the previous centuries where human being is placed on this side and interpreted as visible, definite, and mortal and still unsteady even in the most schematic perception. In renaissance he is someone who peeps behind the mystical curtain while trying to grasp essence of God, in romanticism on the other hand gazes in to distance, across the hazy horizon above the globe, and behind which expects unimaginably great power of Nature to reside. Modern age change perspective on time and everything seems to be absent and present at the same time. The future, the past and the present seem to influence each other by laws of physics, not mythical/mystical principles.

Selected artists from Slovenia and Austria are active in different fields of art and create in a various techniques. Specific to all is crossing borders or in some cases walking on the edge, which doesn’t occur in a formal way, this is today hardly possible, but in the sense of content. The artists constantly examine the known and walk a step further. They widen their own personal story through which, the culture that is common in a civilization is widen as well. And especially it is the examined the question how much can a human be human, before is dehumanised. Be it in body or spirit.

The exhibition The Man At The Border is conceived as an open, observant and pondering platform about borders that we are setting nowadays in a symbolic as well as physical sense and in this way reflects wider contemporary artistic and social phenomena. The artworks are addressing the issues of the quotidian; of artistic research and the system we are integrated in, modes and conditions of production as well as a wider social reality that the artists render by the means of various media and contents.

You are kindly invited to the opening of group exhibition The Man At The Border on 24 January, Tuesday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery. The exhibition will be opened by director of Austrian Cultural Forum, Mag. Marie-Thérèse Hermges.” –

Participating artists: Gino Alberti, Kati Bruder, Beli Sladoled, Ana Čigon, Karin Maria Pfeifer, Tomaž Furlan, Nika Oblak & Primož Novak and Sula Zimmerberger. Curated by: Vasja Nagy and Jadranka Plut.

The exhibition is a part of co-operation between Alkatraz Gallery and flat1 Gallery.
We would like to thank for the suport of Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana.

On display: 24 January 2017 – 3 February 2017