“Button For Special Achievements” won second prize at festival VAFI   

After last year’s winning the first prize for animation “Nosy Rabbit” (Sončki, 2016, 02’07”) at the Small Elephant Festival – 6th International Festival of Children’s and Youth Film Maribor we are again proud of our little animators. In addition to the awards in the category of Junior Mini, we received a lot of very positive feedback from children, organizers and the jury.

Animation “Button For Special Achievements” has been created by a group of children of Kindergarten Vodmat with stop-motion technique. Professional mentoring has been offered by film animator Anka Kočevar, photographer Tadej Bernik, musician Tomaž Grom and kindergarten teachers Suzana Teichmeister and Romana Kolbezen.

Production: Animiramo 2016 / KUD Mreža and Kindergarten Vodmat.

Premiere of children’s animations at Slovenian Cinematheque   

“We Animate” is an annual project of KUD Mreža and Vodmat Kindergarten. We are looking forward to the premiere of four children’s animations which is taking place on 30 May, Tuesday at 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm at Slovenian Cinematheque in Ljubljana. The animations were created by the children of Vodmat Kindergarten with stop-motion technique.

The following animations will be screened:

· Krtek vrtek in travnik (03’33”, 2017)
· Lačna usta (02’36”, 2017)
· Kameleozaver in žaba (02’45”, 2017)
· Šik bika (02’11”, 2017)

Professional assistance was offered by the Vodmat Kindergarten’s nursery school teachers, illustrator Anka Kočevar, photographer Tadej Bernik and musicians Rada Kikelj, Ana Kravanja, Andrej Fon and Samo Kutin.