September FriForma with two unusual line-ups   

Appart from the Elektrošokboogie trio 25 years ago, there have only been some rare occasions later, but almost never Tomaž Grom and Zlatko Kaučič never played in a duo. Rare occasion can be seen also in the trombone trio, here composed of three different experiences, taken from the worlds of composed, improvised or jazz music scenes. The trio of Matthias Muche, Matthias Müller and Jeb Bishop first appeared on stage in 2016 in Köln, when they recorded their live album Konzert Für Hannes, published one year later at NotTwo records.

February FriForma concert with Taku Sugimoto’s new trio   

KUD Mreža’s first FriForma event in 2019 is happening on 21 February, Thursday at 20.00 at Klub Gromka, and presenting the fresh trio of legendary Japanese guitarist Taku Sugimoto with laptop/electronic musician Léo Dupleix and double bassist Félicie Bazelaire.

Also on the bill: the long-awaited performance of a Slovenian duo with voice performer Irena Z. Tomažin and double bassist Tomaž Grom.

21 February 2019, Thursday 20.00 – Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

FriForma, Confine Aperto and Defonija are joining forces at this year’s City Of Women festival   

Three Ljubljana-based concert cycles and their organizers are joining forces at a special event on 14 October: Zavod Sploh’s Confine Aperto, Miha Zadnikar’s Defonija and KUD Mreža’s FriForma are sharing an exciting evening with two sets of music as a side event of this year’s City Of Women / Mesto žensk festival, and presenting outstanding female artists in the main hall of Španski borci.

Both duo Nabelóse with Greek french horn player Elena Kakaliagou and Austrian pianist Ingrid Schmoliner, plus the trio of French vocalist-clarinettist Isabelle Duthoit, Mexican Paetzold recorder player Angélica Castelló and French pianist Sophie Agnel are making their debut appearance in Slovenia.

In the words of a review, the duo of Elena Kakaliagou and Ingrid Schmoliner “lights a fire in a remote mountain hut, sits us down in front of an ancient fireplace and wraps us up in a warm blanket”. The guests for the first set of the evening move from drone and folk to sovereign elements of freely improvised music, dealing with the position of women in Central European and Greek culture in a completely unique way, using their instruments as well as their voices. Top-class art that may be centuries old or is perhaps just being born – in this very moment. Magical!

We are unsure whether the music of the trio that will perform in the second part of the evening “comes from heaven or hell” – writes the Artacts Festival’s programme guide. Sophie Agnel tickles the ivory, dives deep into the piano’s gut and finally offers us a special voyage to space. Isabelle Duthoit first screams, cries, gargles and curses, then grabs her clarinet only to wring and stretch it, producing sounds which, with eyes closed, we cannot discern from her own voice. And finally comes Angélica Castelló, an amazing sound designer, adding electroacoustic pearls to this masterful ménage à trois. This is nothing else, but witchcraft!

See more City Of Women / Mesto žensk events at the annual festival’s website.

14 October 2018, Friday 21.00 – Španski borci, Ljubljana

FriForma residency with Annette Krebs and Jean-Luc Guionnet in Bistrica ob Sotli   

We are thrilled to announce the 3-day residency of German improviser, composer and sound artist Annette Krebs and French improviser, composer, saxophonist and organist Jean-Luc Guionnet from 27 until 29 June in Bistrica ob Sotli, rural Slovenia.

The goal of the artists’ residency is to rehearse and record new materials for a future recording release, produced in collaboration by KUD Mreža’s FriForma concert series and Ljubljana-based record label Inexhaustible Editions / Edition FriForma.

The residency concludes with a public performance by the duo of Annette Krebs (electronics) and Jean-Luc Guionnet (church organ) on 29 June, Friday at 8 pm at the beautiful church of St. Paul’s in Bistrica ob Sotli.

29 June 2018, Friday 20.00 – St. Paul Church, Bistrica of Sotli

New album Minton / Hübsch and start of Borderless Dissonance   

Duo Minton / Hübsch will present the Metal Breath debut, which will be released shortly before the concert by the Inexhaustible Editions (Ljubljana).

As part of the international project Borderless Dissonance, the new trio by Réka Kutas, Gašper Livk and Jakob Gnigler will be followed.

Phil Minton – voice / Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba
Borderless Dissonance # 1: Jakob Gnigler – saxophone / Rék Kutas – cello / Gašper Livk – double bass

You are kindly invited on 8 March 2018 at 20.00 to Klub Gromka!

Photo: Jože Balas

Nuclear Dream Weavers Compound at Klub Gromka   

In 2018, the year’s first FriForma event is happening in a special collaboration with Slovenia’s most prominent concert organizers for challenging music: Zavod Sploh’s Confine Aperto, Miha Zadnikar’s Defonija, HUD “O”s Rojišče, Klub Metulj’s Sunday Noise and KUD Mreža’s FriForma are sproudly present a newly born international free jazz octet on 11 January, Thursday 21.00 at Klub Gromka.

The seeds of this heavy-weight group have been planted at this year’s Improcon, and now, American vocalist Linda Sharrock and German saxophonist Mario Rechtern’s new group, Nuclear Dream Weavers Compound, featuring stellar musicians from Slovenia and Serbia – Marko Karlovčec on saxophones, Marina Džukljev on Fender Rhodes, Tomaž Grom and Jošt Drašler on double bass, Aleksandar Škorić and Vid Drašler on drums – is giving its first ever public performance in Ljubljana. This is going to be loud, fast and rather furious!

11 January 2018, Thursday 21.00 – Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

An evening of improvised music at City Of Women festival   

City Of Women, FriForma and Defonija are inviting you to a musically rich, structurally and thematically colourful evening of free improvised music on 12 October, Thursday at 9.30 pm to Klub Gromka in Ljubljana. Our guests come from different environments, having travelled different paths to their own improvising techniques, belonging to different generations, contemporary musical moments and most common social situations. Some of them have already performed together, other combinations we shall hear for the first time.

In six shorter appearances in different combinations, the following artists will be presented:

· Ute Wassermann (D) – voice
· Elisabeth Harnik (A) – piano
· Nina Polaschegg (A) – double bass
· Luisa Tucciariello (I) – voice
· Alison Blunt (GB) – violin
· Hannah Marshall (GB) – cello

The evening will conclude with the performance of the participants of the workshop conducted during the festival by Ute Wasserman and joined by vocalist Luisa Tucciariello.

12 October 2017, Thursday 21.30 – Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

VoiceLab – vocal workshop at City Of Women with Ute Wassermann   

This year KUD Mreža’s FriForma is organizing a vocal workshop by German vocal artist, composer and improviser Ute Wassermann at the 23rd International Festival Of Contemporary Arts – City Of Women in Ljubljana.

The workshop is based on playful exercises in breathing, resonance and articulation. The participants experience their voice as a versatile sound instrument and develop their own catalogue of vocal expressions. Using various improvisational concepts in space, we discover individual voice characters. In addition, the participants will learn various methods of how to develop and present vocal pieces from solo to choral.

The presentation concert by the workshop participants will take place at Klub Gromka on 12 October, Thursday at 9.30 pm, for taking part in the final presentation concert, the two-day workshop participation is required.

Because the number of the participants is limited, you need to register in advance: please send your applications to until 9 October. Fee of the workshop is €50. The event is organized in cooperation with City Of Women and +MSUM.

VoiceLab schedule

10 October, Tuesday – Workshop day one at +MSUM, 3 pm – 6 pm
11 October, Wednesday – Workshop day two at +MSUM, 3 pm – 6 pm
12 October, Thursday – Workshop presentation concert at Klub Gromka, 9.30 pm – 12 pm

Borderless Dissonance with the Kováts-Maierhofer-Drašler Trio   

Borderless Dissonance – a cross-national creative platform and international concert series – is presenting its final international trio in Ljubljana on 18 May, Thursday at 8 pm at Vodnikova Domačija Šiška with the participation of Hungarian saxophonist Gergő Kováts, German-Austrian double bass player Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka and Slovenian drummer Vid Drašler.

KUD Mreža’s Borderless Dissonance events are taking place in Budapest, Vienna and Ljubljana between 10 April and 18 May with the collaboration of three Slovenian, three Austrian and three Hungarian improvisers who have never worked together before.

The event is kindly supported by: Alps-Adriatic-Alliance and Austrian Kulturforum Ljubljana

18 May 2017, Thursday 20.00 – Vodnikova Domačija Šiška, Ljubljana

Borderless Dissonace with the Krispel-Schellander-Miklós Trio   

Borderless Dissonance – a cross-national creative platform and international concert series – is presenting its second international trio in Ljubljana on 5 May, Friday at 8 pm at Vodnikova Domačija Šiška with the participation of Austrian saxophonist Markus Krispel, Slovenian-Austrian double bass player Matija Schellander and Hungarian drummer Szilveszter Miklós.

The Borderless Dissonance events are taking place in Budapest, Vienna and Ljubljana between 10 April and 18 May with the collaboration of three Slovenian, three Austrian and three Hungarian musicians who have never worked together before.

In addition to the second “Boderless” trio we are thrilled to host the duo called Not The Music with clarinet player Philippe Lauzier and bassist Éric Normand – both from Québec, Canada – who are presenting their re-released debut album entitled Do.

The event is kindly supported by: Alps-Adriatic-Alliance and Austrian Kulturforum Ljubljana

5 May 2017, Friday 20.00 – Vodnikova Domačija Šiška, Ljubljana

Borderless Dissonace with Irene Kepl, Jošt Drašler & Gergely Kovács   

KUD Mreža’s Borderless Dissonance – a cross-national creative platform and international concert series – is presenting its first international trio on 12 April, Wednesday at 8 pm at Vodnikova Domačija Šiška with the participation of Austrian violinist and composer Irene Kepl, Slovenian double bass player Jošt Drašler and Hungarian drummer Gergely Kovács.

The Borderless Dissonance events are taking place in Budapest, Vienna and Ljubljana between 10 April and 18 May with the collaboration of three Slovenian, three Austrian and three Hungarian improvisers who have never worked together before.

The event is kindly supported by: Alps-Adriatic-Alliance and Austrian Kulturforum Ljubljana

12 April 2017, Wednesday 20.00 – Vodnikova Domačija Šiška, Ljubljana

Capece, Yoshikawa, Olsson, Raon and Drašler – FriForma at Gromka   

KUD Mreža’s third FriForma event this year is coming up on 6 April, Thursday at 9 pm at Klub Gromka with the debut performance of a brand new international trio proposed by FriForma: Argentinian reedman, electronic musician and conceptualist sound artist Lucio Capece joins Japanese electronic feedback virtuoso Daichi Yoshikawa and Swedish percussionist Henrik Olsson to play their first time ever trio concert together in this particular line-up.

Also on the bill the incredible harp-percussion duo of Ljubljana-based musicians Eduardo Raon and Vid Drašler whose performance was one of the most marvellous sets last September at the 7. Bučno festival organized by Ana Kravanja and Samo Kutin in Lesno Brdo.

The event is kindly supported by:

6 April 2017, Thursday 21.00 – Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

Küchen, Müntzing, Mezei and Márkos – two duos at FriForma   

An old acquaintance on the Ljubljana free jazz and improvised music scene, Martin Küchen is returning after a few years break, this time with his Swedish friend and collaborator Herman Müntzing as duo Scheibenhonig. At ŠKUC Gallery they are going to present and promote their debut album Rop På Hjälp which got released recently on Inexhaustible Editions.

The opening set of the evening will be presented by the viola-cello duo of Szilárd Mezei and Albert Márkos. Mezei’s playing is full of dynamism, sense of transition between various musical expressions – so what we can expect here is a full-blooded, exciting and highly concentrated mind-game with his long-time collegue, classically trained cellist, Albert Márkos.

13 March 2017, Monday 20.00 – ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana

Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin and John Butcher at FriForma   

KUD Mreža is thrilled to kick off its FriForma event series’ 2017 season with the performance of the Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin and John Butcher on 8 February at Klub Gromka.

The string trio from the German-speaking part of Switzerland joined forces for the first time with their English guest on tenor and soprano saxophone. Violinist Harald Kimmig, cellist Alfred Zimmerlin and double bassist Daniel Studer decided that their tight improvising unit needs a new challenge with guest musicians: they invited British saxophonist John Butcher and their collaboration reached a new height. One can immediately hear the spiritual bond that developed between the trio and the Brit.

The Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin together with John Butcher abandon the classical realm. Strings are bowed, pulled, struck and scratched, the entire instrument, from neck to tailpiece, is used as a resonating body. A master of circular breathing and overblowing techniques, John Butcher manages to elicit tones cause listeners to ask themselves which instrument was responsible for a particular sound. A must hear!

8 February 2017, Wednesday 21.00 – Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

Guionnet, Yoshikawa and Kutin – debut trio performance at FriForma   

Regarded as one of the most influential percussionist of the last 30 years, Andrea Centazzo has performed at the most important festivals and concert series both in Europe and the United States as soloist, in combination with other artists, and as conductor. Early in the eighties, and later in the last few years he has been associated with many seminal percussionists, playing duets, trios and ensembles with Andrew Cyrille, Barry Altschul, Tony Oxley, Paul Lytton, Paul Lovens, Pierre Favre and many others.

Born and raised in Italy, but naturalized American and living in Los Angeles since 1992, Centazzo after more than a decade dedicated mainly to composing, conducting and video-making went back in 2000 to his first love, the solo percussion concert. In his solo program called No Boundaries Centazzo once again blends his percussion, playing on a set of over 200 instruments, with cymbals, gongs, electronics, computer sequencing and digital sampling, bringing to the listener the emotion of a new sonic adventure in jazz, world and contemporary avant-garde music. His melodic composing along with his ostinato patterns and his mastery of percussion improvising create a music beyond any expectation.

Andrea Centazzo’s solo performance is the closing event of this year’s Metabonma concert series, curated by Jože Bogolin and Simon Klavžar.

15 December 2016, Thursday 20.00 – Vodnikova Domačija Šiška, Ljubljana

FriForma with Tristan Honsinger and Joel Grip at Vodnikova   

“There is an unknown music. Hidden, to be discovered. Deciphered. There is a past, a now, and a coming. And there is something else. Out of time. Here are two spines – backbones of improvisation. Here’s the vast chatter. There’s an unknown music known to our inner ears. Here are fingerboards and jaws. Amplifying the balance between falling and not falling. Here are Tristan Honsinger and Joel Grip. A sonorous dance of extreme troubadours.”

Tristan Honsinger is a cello player active in free jazz and free improvisation. He is perhaps best known for his long-running collaboration with free jazz pianist Cecil Taylor and guitarist Derek Bailey. He studied at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, but by the seventies, the Trans-American had moved to Amsterdam and formed the Instant Composers Pool with drummer Han Bennink and radical pianist Misha Mengelberg. With this avant-jazz group, his music transcended the classical conservatory background he had and he began to incorporate wild, free improvisation, jazz, and European folk music into his cannon, not to mention a kinship with Bertolt Brecht theatre, which would put an edge on performances and recordings that take on experimental strategies, some of which include what could be considered violent attacks on the instrument. The range of emotions that is covered in a piece by Tristan Honsinger is striking in that it is very accessible for so-called avant-garde music. In the eighties, he recorded for the prestigious FMP label and in the nineties, for numerous recording companies, including Winter & Winter, I.C.P., and legendary jazz archivists Hat Hut from Switzerland.

For a number of years now, energetic double bassist, filmmaker and producer Joel Grip has played an important role for the new scenes of improvised music in Europe. As founder of Umlaut Records, he opened up for creative forms of organizing collectives of musicians and promoting their music internationally. Since 2003 he has been one of the main organizers of Hagenfesten in Dala-Floda, Sweden, a stand-alone festival, and quite frankly possibly the most pleasant venue for free improvised music not only in Sweden but in the whole of Europe. Few other places offer quite the same endearing combination of sophisticated musical risk-taking, and up-beat, social get-together. Grip’s musicianship is informed by a similar knack for welding musical sophistication with social communication, often with an analog film camera at hand. With a handful of short films Joel Grip met mexican filmmaker Mauricio Hernández and shortly the film production company Umlicht was established. They are right now working on their third and forth feature film together. Umdicht is amplifying the pencil of Joel Grip’s hand, partly through the irregular issue of Lösa Blad and partly in the future release of books.

1 December 2016, Thursday 20.30 – Vodnikova Domačija Šiška, Ljubljana