The third event of the year in the series FriFormA\V tonight in Cirkulacija 2!   

 The piece reinterprets rare 1963 industrial footage representing travelogue-like sequence throughout the mesmerizing architectural qualities of the observatory. Experimenting on the relationship between the observer’s spatial, sensory and sonic attention, through an immersive, over-stimuli submersion. The performance challenges the limits of auditory and visual perception while at the same time leaving the spectators with a long-lasting sensations from a disorientating, highly-charged dystopian nature.

Saso Puckovski (b. 1986, Skopje) is Macedonian cross-disciplinary artist currently based in Ljubjana, Slovenia.

Taking a particular interest into the overlap of the physical and the virtual by blurring the lines between sonic, visual and interactive arts. Saso’s current activities revolve around site-specific and environmental interventions, building immersive spatial experiences by merging sound, imagery and interactivity, as well as a constant exploration into the various fields of live sound performance and improvisation practices.

By introducing a number of interactive elements in his installation works, the spectators are constantly invited to take an active role into the piece, thus making them the missing link of the complete experience. Even though computers, sensors and other electronics are regularly used in Saso’s work, they usually remain seldom visible to the audience. A number of Saso’s works which are closely related to live audio-visual performances, spatial and sonic related excursions and various sensory and synesthetic experiments are often credited under the pseudonym Noitu.



Attend the event only if you are healthy, have no symptoms of a Covid-19 infection, and have not been at risk for infection.

It is necessary to maintain physical distance.

You need a mask to enter the enclosed spaces, please also disinfect your hands before entering.

Please follow the recommendations of the NIJZ



FriFormA\V event series starts its season with Billy Roisz and dieb13   

Over the years, Billy Roisz and dieb13 alias Dieter Kovačič have directed and produced several experimental short films that deal with classic film genres, such as westerns, horror films or “road movies”. The films explore the internal mechanisms of established cinematic conventions and turn them into an immediate sensory experience. TWIXT uses rearranged recordings of these short films as a score for a live sound recording and merges abstract, and concrete recordings and sounds into a synesthetic experience.


Entrance fee: 5€
Concert series FriFormA\V co-financed by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.

13 February 2020, Thursday 21.00 – Osmo/za, Ljubljana


Audio-visual video game with Szilárd Benes and Christof Ressi at Osmo/za   

The next FriFormA\V event will explore the possibilites of aciting on and interacting with the virtual-reality systems, using both the physicality of the performers and the musical sounds. Terrain Study is a work for solo performer and 3D virtual reality system. During the performance, the virtual space is manipulated by the movements and the sounds produced by the performer, leading to eventually questioning the division of subject and world. Game Over puts the clarinet player’s avatar in the complex 2D game-world, where the music and the game interact. Occasionally, the composer intervenes with the game play, thus reflecting the role of the individual’s expressive potential of rebellion against predefined rules.

Christof Ressi and Szilárd Benes pursue the idea of confrontation of extreme psychological states by the means of music and media art. The instrumental sound of the clarinet dynamically interacts with electronics, video and body movement and lets the audience enter a manifold artistic vision of a landscape of the human soul. Both musicians share a desire for crossing frontiers: Szilárd Benes is constantly seeking to extend the sonic possibilites of his instrument, being inspired by contemporary music, free jazz and also klezmer, while Christof Ressi loves to design live-electronic setups and computer programs which allow him spontaneous and direct manipulation of sound and video. Together they are searching for new means of expression which they believe to find in the confrontation of different media, keeping a personal definition of music as open-minded as possible. The pieces are mostly audio-visual concept improvisations focussing on various aspects and forms of musical interplay as well as interaction between different media like sound, image and movement.

Szilárd Benes (1990) was born in Keszthely, Hungary. He is a classically trained clarinet player, improvisor and expert of contemporary music. His performance of clarinet quartets by Krzysztof Penderecki in Graz 2012 was broadcast over the Austrian radio station Ö1. 2013 he made his debut as a soloist with his project „Colors of Music“. 2015 he developed two new projects: „FModulations“ (premiered in Budapest) and „Clarinetronix“ for bassclarinet, electronics and video (premiered in Graz). 2018 he performed the solo clarinet part in La Chute d’Icare by Brian Ferneyhough. Szilárd Benes is a member of Ensemble Schallfeld and has worked with many composers whose pieces he has premiered. His repertoire includes more than 400 contemporary works. He was invited to numerous important festivals and venues, such as Steirischer Herbst, IMD Darmstadt, Elevate Festival, SoW Milan, Wien Modern, Jeunesse Wien, Impuls Graz, Afekt Festival, Poznan Musical Spring, Klangspuren, Carnegie Hall etc. KUD Mreža invited Benes to play with Tilen Lebar and Gabriele Drab as part of the impro-concerts caravan Borderless Dissonance #2 (April, 2018) which has been traveling from Vienna via Graz to Ljubljana.

Christof Ressi (1989) is an Austrian composer, arranger, software developer and multimedia artists. As a composer, he works in various fields of music such as contemporary classical, jazz, dance/theater or experimental electronics. Besides writing instrumental music, he has a keen interest in interactive live-electronics and audio-visual art and is currently working on an extended series of pieces exploring the aesthetic potential of video game mechanics. He arranges music for all kinds of ensembles and instruments, including big band and orchestra. Together with clarinet player Szilárd Benes he regularly performs as a duo, playing both audio-visuals compositions and improvisations. His music has been performed all over the world, such as Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, China, UK, USA and South-Africa. He has won several prizes and his computer music work has been featured at several international conferences. 2017-2019 he has been part of the artistic research project GAPPP at the Institute for Electronic Music (IEM) in Graz. He colaborated with Slovenian video-artist, Valérie Wolfgang, on her interactive installation piece Hunting for America, presented as a part of group exhibition The Clash in the Alkatraz Gallery at Metelkova City.

30 October 2019, Wednesday 20.00 – Osmo/za, Ljubljana

Hypnagogia – an audio-visual performance by David Bird and Valérie Wolf Gang   

David Bird and Valérie Wolf Gang is fusing found sound and video materials with the aesthetics of clinical technology to explore the ambiguous domain of dreams and memory, as well as a future where technology is capable of mediating dreams, memory, and waking life.

A hypnagogic regression, or flashback, is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual has a sudden, usually powerful, re-experiencing of an event or elements of a past event. The term is used mainly when memories are recalled involuntarily, or when a memory is so intense that the person “relives” the experience, unable to fully recognize it as memory and not something occurring in “real time”.

You are kindly invited to the premiere of the audio-visual performance of Hypnagogia on 3 October at 9 pm which will take place at Osmo/za, Ljubljana.

3 October 2018, Wednesday 21.00 – Osmo/za, Ljubljana

First event of our new audio-visual performance series: FriFormA\V   

V petek, 20. 4. 2018, ob 20.30 lepo vabljeni v 8. nadstropje kulturnega prizorošča Osmo/za, na premierni dogodek nove poimenovane FriFormA\V.

FriFormA\V prinaša v obstoječi cikel novo formo, pri kateri gre za vnašanje umetniškega videa v sodobna zvočna okolja bodisi v polje zvočne umetnosti in zvočnih instalacij ali v polje komponirane, elektroakustične in improvizirane glasbe z namenom umetniške nadgradnje koncertnega cikla.

Hunjoo Jung, zvočni oblikovalec, improvizator in skladatelj, ki je bil rojen v Seulu (Južna Koreja), prihaja na enomesečno rezidenco v Atelje Azil, Metelkova mesto (, v sklopu katere bo izvedel koncert z lokalno videastko, Lino Rico. Hunjoo se preizkuša v akustičnih, elektronskih in elektroakustičnih glasbenih okoljih, v zadnjih letih pa se osredotoča tudi na intermedijske in vizualne instalacije. Zanima ga raziskovanje večplastnih načinov, v katerih se kombinirano pojavljajo video v živo in video mapiranje, osvetlitve, laserji in senzorji, ki jih uporablja v široki paleti kombinacij s glasbo. Poleg bogatega nabora raznih nagrad in rezidenčnih gostovanj je letos prejel prvo nagrado, ki jo podeljuje žirija Georgesa Aperghisa (Mikonos, Grčija).

Lina Rica prihaja iz Makarske, Hrvaška, živi in dela pa v Ljubljani. Lina je vizualna umetnica, ki deluje na področju instalacij z uporabo videa, grafike, fotografije in animacije. V svojem delu obravnava družbene procese preteklih in sedanjih svetov ter njihove vplive na posameznika. Leta 2008 zaključila je študij grafike na Akademiji za likovno umetnost v Zagrebu. Njena dela so bila predstavljena in objavljena na nacionalni in mednarodni ravni. Za svoje grafike je prejela več nagrad, njene grafike pa so del zbirke MGLC, Oficina Arara, Critical Mass in Femicomix Portfolio. Med leti 2012 in 2016 je skupaj z Boštjanom Čadežem vodila društvo za produkcijo in promocijo sodobne umetnosti in galerijski prostor GaleRica v Makarski. Skupaj sta se predstavila tudi na zadnjem U3 trienalu v Moderni Galeriji v Ljubljani z animacijo Tekstom(l)at. Z video performansi je nastopala na več festivalih in dogodkih v klubih ter avtonomnih kulturnih centrih na prostoru bivše Jugoslavije.

Nastopila bosta Južno korejski improvizator in kompozitor Hunjoo Jung in lokalna videastka Lina Rica. Obeta se nam atraktiven avdio vizualni performans hrupnejše sorte. (Osmo/za se nahaja v stolpnici Avtotehne, Slovenska c. 54)