Kaja Avberšek’s Mile as a mural painting and ambient installation   

October will again be coloured by comics! TINTA – Ljubljana Comics Festival will take place from 2 until 14 October at various locations in Ljubljana, as well as spilling over into Kranj and Koper.

TINTA – Ljubljana Comics Festival is focusing on the variety and breadth of contemporary comics creativity with a carefully curated selection of intriguing local and foreign guests and a diverse programme featuring exhibitions, lectures, talks, film screenings, comic fair, storytelling and other events.

You are welcome on 12 October at 8 pm to the opening of Kaja Avberšek’s mural painting: Mile ♥ Disko and opening of an ambient installation at Night Display Gallery Pešak.

The wall paintings at Masarykova street and installation of Mile ♥ Disko are related to the eponymous comic album, which was released at Stripburger this year. The album talks about the unusual adventures of the slightly deceived male named Mile who lives in his mother’s abdomen.

Organization: Stripburger / Forum Ljubljana and KUD Mreža

Opening of Mia Paller’s …Smell The Coffee at Gallery Pešak   

Transfering the artwork …Smell The Coffee to Night Display Gallery Pešak is a transformation of the media itself. Although the viewer can access the video, it is not broadcast live, but must be opened by itself using a smartphone or similar devices.

Animation …Smell The Coffee is the starting point for a new work at the five windows of Night Display Gallery Pešak. Although the individual elements that appear to us as drawings (or frames) are integral parts of the animation, but because of the author’s choice of only certain frames, gaps are created. Transfering the artwork …Smell The Coffee to Night Display Gallery Pešak is a transformation of the media itself. Although the viewer can access the video, it is not broadcast live, but must be opened by itself using a smartphone or similar devices. With this method, the author opens up various possibilities of entering to the exhibition and artwork.

You are kindly invited to the exhibiton opening of …Smell The Coffee by Mia Paller on 22 June, Friday at 9.30 pm at Night Display Gallery Pešak, Ljubljana.

On display: 22 June 2018 – 27 July 2018

Opening performance: Qëndresë Deda, What Are The Words Doing?   

When I was born, I had no name, surname, nationality, citizenship, gender! I am still that one that was before! Am I!? Unseen wounds cracked my inner skin. Borders paralyzed my wishes.  (Qëndresë Deda, excerpt from Monologue, Dialogue, Trialogue)

“What Are The Words Doing? is the title of the exhibition and performance by Qëndresë Deda, an artist from Kosovo that currently lives and studies in Ljubljana. In her work, she usually combines different media, from photography, drawings, writing and design, to video, and often puts herself in a role of an object and a subject simultaneously. Although her works appear to be very personal, intimate even, she deals with the phenomena of her immediate surroundings, as she describes it.

Her new work, about to be presented at the 19th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns, is intertwined with her own personal writings, poetry and graffiti, in which she asks questions concerning identity, freedom and restrictions that are imposed on people in present-day society. Thoughts, sentences and words will appear on the windows of the Gallery at the start of the performance. The artwork will be transformed by the actions of the artist and other performers, who will co-create the meanings, using their bodies and voices. What there will be left afterwards is an echo of past actions, but also an artwork in itself.

The spoken words will fade away, leaving only the written ones. Just like the words we say aloud cease to exist in a form of a sound after spoken (if not recorded), but find ways to leave an impact in realms of invisible; in the minds of listeners. That is why Qëndresë Deda describes the work as sound utopia of a real space inside and outside oneself.

This corresponds with the specific situation of the Night Window Display Gallery Pešak, where one can observe exhibitions only from the outside, while the artworks are closed inside the building. The artist plays between the private, intimate realm of thoughts and public, outer world, situating words on the glass of the window, and creating a link between the two.” – Anabel Černohorski

Qëndresë Deda (1988, Pristina) graduated from Graphic Design at the University of Pristina. Her works have been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Pristina (L’Espace Culturel Francais; Tetris – Space for Manipulation; Traffic Gallery, Stacion – Centre for Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Kosovo). In 2014, she had an exhibition at KC Tobačna 001 in Ljubljana, where she was a residence artist. In 2015, she had an exhibition at Villa Romana, Florence, also a part of artist-in-residence program. In the same year, her works were part of the 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana. She is a two-time finalist of the Artists of tomorrow Award (Stacion – Centre for Contemporary Art, Pristina). Currently, she is a student at the University of Ljubljana, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design – Department of Video and New media.

You are kindly invited to the opening performance on 3 March, Saturday at 7.30 pm at Gallery Night Display Pešak.

Edvin Dobrilović exhibits at Night Display Gallery Pešak   

Metelkova veteran Edvin Dobrilović is returning to Metelkova after a few years break with his exhibition entitled 4×5=20. The exhibition will be displayed at the Night Display Gallery Pešak from 29 August. Welcome to the opening at 8 pm, and meet Edi!

Edvin Dobrilović is an artist, restorer, collector, bricoleur, craftsman, and for many years a tireless creator of many urban artistic interventions. Without doubt, Edvin is the most active artist to whom goes all credit for the aesthetic and friendly community space.

On display: 29 August 2017 – 7 October 2017

Marina Milev’s Tail Contest at Night Display Gallery Pešak   

We are inviting you to the opening exhibition of Marina Milev Tail Contest on 26 May, Friday 9 pm by the tower opposite of Night Display Gallery Pešak, AKC Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana.

This time, visitors will be cordially invited to participate by casting a vote for the selection of the most beautiful exhibits tails which will be announced on the last day of the exhibition. As a continuation of the project will be followed by street art intervention performed by the artist in honor of winning the tail carried out in Belgrade.

“Election rallies thus resemble animalistic mating rituals and the inducing of fear, aimed at finding a partner or defeating natural foes. For that purpose, animals use different parts of their body, but most often their tails. Some mammals use their tails for balancing, maneuvering in battle, climbing with greater ease and showing their emotions. Birds usually use their tail for courting, while some insects carry lethal poison in their tails. All these tail – derived functions correspond to many skills and behaviors displayed in political rallies. In the Serbian language, a tail also represents some sort of burden or unsolved problem from the past.

This project “Tail Contest” portrays in an illustrative manner the banality of rhetoric in pre-election campaigns. By-passers and local citizens will have to use their electoral right, based on their visual impression, to circle the number in front of the most beautiful tail shown in this exhibition. They will be encouraged to put the voting paper in the voting box. On the last day of the exhibition, the winning tail will be announced. As a follow -up project, the Author will make a long lasting tribute to the winning tail in some form of street art in Belgrade.” – pesakpesak.wordpress.com