Balkanada: open call to composers and improvisers in the Balkan area for residency in Canada   

Balkanada: open call for composers / improvisers

Tour de Bras is an improvised music presenter organization and an active record label for more than fifteen years and enjoys an international reputation. Each year it welcomes artists from all over the world. During recent tours, Tour de Bras got to know many dedicated organizations and artists, and discovered the dynamism of the scene of the Balkan countries. It is therefore in partnership with KUD Mreža, Ljubljana and within Tour de Bras contacts with musicians from different countries, they wish to launch the Balkanada project which aims to create a meeting space between composers and improvising musicians from different cultural backgrounds.

The selected composer / improviser (one artist per year) must be interested in exploring the concept of “composition for improvisers”. The composer / improviser will spend a week in residence at Salon58, in the rural community of Marsoui, in Gaspésie, Québec, before working three days in Rimouski in the company of improvising musicians and presenting a public concert. The following year, the composer / improviser will have the opportunity to work again with one of the Quebec musicians in the Balkan region.

The call is open from 1 February 2021 until 30 April 2021.

What to send:

· Short text describing your project;
· Your CV;
· Two or three examples of previous works as a composer / improviser.

Please send your info to Éric Normand at until 30 April 2021 midnight with the subject: Balkanada call.

Composition constraints:

· Composition for improvisational orchestra, from 5 to 11 musicians;
· The composer may or may not perform with the ensemble;
· Extensive instrumentation: electric and classical guitars, bass, bowed strings of all sizes, wind instruments (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone, trumpet, oboe), harp, accordion, percussion, among others;
· The piece must take into account that the number of players and the instrumentation will vary from one interpretation to another (ensure sustainability);
· All types of musical score are possible but not exclusive: conventional writing, graphic, concept game etc.,
· Duration of the work: 20 to 40 minutes.


· The composer must reside in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia or North Macedonia;
· Be able to be present in person in Rimouski and Marsoui, Quebec, Canada from 22 October to 2 November 2021;
· $1,500 CAN fee for composition + $300 CAN for a show = 1,800 $ CAN total fee;
· Tour de Bras will provide official invitation letter in May 2021;
· The composer must cover the costs for his flight ticket to Montreal, or to have it financed by governmental organizations or NGOs in his/her own country (examples: Ministry Of Culture, embassy, consulate, travel program for artists, international influence programs, or others, depending on your country);
· Accommodation and travel costs in Quebec are covered by Tour de Bras.