Nataša Serec

President of KUD Mreža, Nataša Serec (1969) has had active role at Metelkova since 1993. She had co-founded youth center Menza Pri Koritu, and Red Dawns – International Feminist And Queer Festival. Since 2004, she has been co-operating with visual- and fine artists who have created more than 120 urban art projects. She is co-curating event serieses FriForma and FriFormA\V, organizing concert series Metabonma, and managing artist-in-residence space Studio Asylum.


Jadranka Plut

Jadranka Plut (1975) the artistic director, curator and events manager of Alkatraz Gallery untl 2018. She studied Art History at the Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ljubljana, and started to work as a curator in 2000 and has had an extremely significant role regarding visual- and fine arts at Metelkova.


Ana Grobler

From 2018 an art director of Alkatraz Gallery, Ana Grobler (1976) is an academic painter and had completed her master’s degree of Video Art at the Academy Of Fine Arts And Design in Ljubljana. She assists setting up exhibitions at Alkatraz Gallery and takes care of the art gallery’s graphic and visual communication. She is in charge of the visual program of Red Dawns – International Feminist And Queer Festival.


Sebastian Krawczyk

Former volunteer of European Voluntary Service of KUD Mreža, Sebastian Krawczyk (1980) is now mostly associated with Metelkova’s multimedia support. As a sociologist, translator and expert of Slavic languages, he assists the daily work of Alkatraz Gallery, helps organizing art exhibitions, and he is in charge of documenting the gallery’s activities.


Nevena Aleksovski

Nevena Aleksovski (1984), an academic painter, completed her master’s degree of Cultural Studies at the Faculty Of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She also assists the daily work of Alkatraz Gallery and is responsible for the children and youth creativity workshops. She is the co-founder of the annual Reciklart, an art festival of recycling and DIY-culture.


Danijela Zajc

Danijela Zajc (1985) is a real handy-woman for everything from theory to practice. She gives technical support at Alkatraz Gallery. She is member of the program team of Red Dawns – International Feminist And Queer Festival, and co-founder of the annual Reciklart festival. She majored in Sociology Of Culture And Pedagogics at the Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ljubljana.


Anabel Karolyn Černohorski

Anabel Karolyn Černohorski (1991) graduated Art History at the Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ljubljana in 2013. Currently she is completing her studies at the Department Of Art History. Since 2013, she works at Alkatraz Gallery where she curates and co-curates art exhibitions. Since 2014, she is co-curator and member of the Artistic Committee of Night display gallery Pešak.


Damjan Kracina

Damjan Kracina (1970) graduated Sculpture at the Academy Of Fine Arts And Design in Ljubljana in 1996. In 1999, at the same academy he completed his studies specialized in Video Art and New Media. He has been working as a professor at Secondary School Of Design And Photography in Ljubljana since 2010. He is the founder and chief curator of Night display gallery Pešak.


László Juhász

Journalist, radio programme presenter, recording label Inexhaustible Editions curator and promoter, event organizer László Juhász (1980) studied Communication And Media Studies at University Of Szeged, Hungary. He is co-curating KUD Mreža’s concert series FriForma, project managing Improcon – Congress Of Free Improvised Music, Arts & Thoughts, the Borderless Dissonance collaborations, and taking care of the renewed website.


Julijan Borštnik

Julijan Borštnik (1977) is a critical filmmaker and explorer of social, political and economic issues. His artistic aim is to present his topics and logics in a descriptive, simple and visually rich, yet not over-simplified ways. He is the co-founder of artist-in-residence space Studio Asylum at Metelkova, and is involved in the international research project The Future Of Work.


Tea Grahek

Tea Grahek (1983) is the woman of skills: she is an educated health worker who studied textile technology at the Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering in Maribor, then she got engaged in dance and choreography. Staff member of Radio Študent since 2014, where she has been training tonal techniques, filming and video editing. With KUD Mreža she works as a video documenter of FriForma and Improcon events.


Anna Ehrlemark

Swedish comic artist, illustrator, designer and computational linguist Anna Ehrlemark (1981) is well-known in Eastern Europe for her unconventional, twisted narratives and her striking visual style. Her comics explore feminist, queer and anti-capitalist themes. During her stay in Ljubljana, between 2003 and 2010, she had participated in various art projects, but she is still in occasional collaboration with KUD Mreža.


Uroš Gustinčič

Uroš Gustinčič (1977) is the Information & Technologies mastermind behind the associaton’s websites with all his programming, sitebuilding, hosting and supporting skills. He is in charge of all KUD Mreža related web platforms, and also of occasional creative workshops and projects for young participants. He graduated Philosophy at the Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ljubljana in 2016.