Let’s move and create a mosaic! – a creative workshop for children

Offspring of Reciklart Festival is happening on 21 April, Friday at 3.30 pm and on 22 April, Saturday at 3.30 pm in front of Alkatraz Gallery, and we are inviting children – older than 4 years old – to join our creative workshop.

Borderless Dissonace with Irene Kepl, Jošt Drašler & Gergely Kovács

Borderless Dissonance, a cross-national creative platform and international concert series, kicks off on 12 April with the project’s first trio: violinist Irene Kepl, double bass player Jošt Drašler and drummer Gergely Kovács.



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Capece, Yoshikawa, Olsson, Raon and Drašler – FriForma at Gromka

KUD Mreža’s third FriForma event this year is coming up on 6 April, Thursday at 9 pm at Klub Gromka with the debut performance of a brand new international trio; supported by the harp-percussion duo of Eduardo Raon and Vid Drašler.

The Clash by Eriz Moreno and Valerie Wolf Gang at Alkatraz

The exhibition brings together three people: artists Valerie Wolf Gang and Eriz Moreno and the curator Kateřina Lenzová. The unifying theme of this project is the subject of artistic mobility. On display from 4 April, Tuesday – exhibition opening at 8 pm.

The Uprising Social Workers’ collective says goodbye to Alkatraz

The Uprising Social Workers’ collective wants to say goodbye to their I Spit On Revolution! exhibition at Alkatraz Gallery in an interactive way, so we have prepared a guided tour to present their work and its message. On 30 March, Thursday at 5.30 pm.

Metabonma with the Furiant String Quartet at Klub Gromka

Have you ever listened to Haydn, Shostakovich and Beethoven live at Klub Gromka on the very same evening? If not, the time is now: KUD Mreža’s event series Metabonma proudly presents the Furiant String Quartet on 14 March, Tuesday at 9 pm.

Küchen, Müntzing, Mezei and Márkos – two duos at FriForma

The second FriForma event this year is going to host two very different, but still very similar duos: the Küchen & Müntzing Scheibenhonig will share ŠKUC Gallery’s exhibition space with the viola-cello duo of Szilárd Mezei and Albert Márkos.

I Spit On Revolution! – The Uprising Social Workers at Alkatraz Gallery

The Uprising Social Workers present their third feminist calendar, this time in the form of an exhibition of photographs, paintings, sculptures, videos and texts. The exhibition opening at Alkatraz Gallery will be accompanied by a performance.

Red Dawns – 18th International Feminist And Queer Festival

One more week to go! Red Dawns – 18th International Feminist And Queer Festival will happen this year between 9-11 March at various locations at Metelkova and Tovarna Rog. For detailed programme please check the festival’s website.