“The Crowd” an art installation by painter Patrik Dvorščak

You are kindly invited to the exhibition opening of the art installation The Crowd by young academic painter Patrik Dvorščak, on 19 January, Friday at 7 pm at Gallery Night Display Pešak, Metelkova, Ljubljana.

Afternoon event at Studio Asylum: Seijiro Muraya percussion solo

Concluding his current two-weeks residency in Ljubljana, Japanese percussionist Seijiro Murayama is giving an afternoon atelier solo concert on 13 January, Saturday at 5 pm at Studio Asylum, Metelkova. Seat reservation needed!



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Nuclear Dream Weavers Compound at Klub Gromka

The seeds of this heavy-weight free jazz octet have been planted at this year’s Improcon, and now, Linda Sharrock and Mario Rechtern’s new group, Nuclear Dream Weavers Compound is giving its first ever public performance.

Caroline Sury’s Voodoo Entartete Kunst at Alkatraz Gallery

Caroline Sury’s art is easily identifiable: her occasionally pronounced expressivity is often mixed with an artistic expression marked by palpably child-like naivety, teeming with playful and ironic elements.

Matija Praznik’s Alternative Historization Of The Alternative

You are kindly invited to the exhibition opening of Alternative Historization Of The Alternative on 24 November, Friday at 8 pm at Alkatraz Gallery in Ljubljana. The exhibition is an accompanying part of the event Viva Punk! Viva RŠ!

Night Trips – Drumartica concert at the Old Power Station Ljubljana

The last concert of this year’s Metabonma concert series is happening on 18 November at 8.00 pm, and we are proud to invite top Slovenian percussion duo Drumartica. The duo will present their Night Trips project.

Down & Behind – Simon Kocjančič at Alaktraz Gallery

At first sight Kocjančič’s works evoke an impression of being hermetic and enigmatic. The viewer notices sparse groups of elements and colour planes. Prevailing are darker hues and undefined organic shapes, difficult to ascribe a meaning to.

An evening of improvised music at City Of Women festival

City Of Women, FriForma and Defonija are inviting you to a musically rich, structurally and thematically colourful evening of free improvised music on 12 October, Thursday at 9.30 pm to Klub Gromka in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Anna Linder’s Spermwhore at Alkatraz Gallery

Experimental film about unwanted childlessness in a world where normative heterosexual relationships dictate who can become parents and in what way. The opening talk will be held by Anna Linder and Jasmina Šepetavc.

VoiceLab – vocal workshop at City Of Women with Ute Wassermann

This year KUD Mreža’s FriForma is organizing a vocal workshop by German vocal artist, composer and improviser Ute Wassermann at the 23rd International Festival Of Contemporary Arts – City Of Women in Ljubljana.

Five Questions with our Studio Asylum resident: Irene Kepl

KUD Mreža is now launching an interview series with our artists in residence at Studio Asylum. By the Five Questions-series we hope to gain a brief insight into our residents’ impressions, ideas and methods during their working visit.

Boštjan Novak – The Structure Of Proper Proportions at Alkatraz

The synthesis of Metelkova values reflects in Boštjan Novak’s works. The artist attempts to harmonize the organic with the impulsiveness of its micro space packed with contradictoriness and diverse creative energies.

Edvin Dobrilović exhibits at Night Display Gallery Pešak

Metelkova veteran Edvin Dobrilović is returning to Metelkova after a few years break with his exhibition entitled 4×5=20. The exhibition will be displayed at the Night Display Gallery Pešak from 29 August.