FriForma and V:NM present: ALPENGLOW 7 – Styria meets Slovenia

At the two-day meeting in experimental spirit, 19 Austrian performers will be presented together with 13 Slovenian performers with whom in the past they have never shared the stage before.

Third exhibition of the season of the semi-street gallery Pešak, entitled Season, soon on display

Between 15 April and 20 June Night Display Gallery Pešak will host the exhibition Season, designed by the multimedia artist Urša Rahne. It will connect the gallery with various Ljubljana showcases.

Alkatraz Gallery

Night Display Gallery Pešak

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Red Dawns

Reciklart & youth activities

Animiramo & kids activities


Red Dawns don’t give up – 22nd International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns is coming

The Red Dawns team did not resign and is planning the festival despite dire circumstances – even though we do not know how much we will be able to carry out live and how much online or in any other format.

Balkanada: open call to composers and improvisers in the Balkan area for residency in Canada

The selected composer or improviser (one artist per year) must be interested in exploring the concept of “composition for improvisers”. The call is open from 1 February till 30 April 2021.

Mentorship+: Nika Erjavec’s exhibition Interference at Alkatraz Gallery

The exhibition was produced within the framework of the newer Alkatraz Gallery project Mentorship+, which supports the establishment of connections between artists and enables their continuous work over longer periods of time.

Noid and Andrej Fon record project Sympathy for cello, clarinet and 12 hanging tuned snare drums

On 11 September, Sunday at 20.00 Austrian sound artist and cellist Noid is recording with Slovenian clarinetist Andrej Fon at Cirkulacija2 in Ljubljana.

Constellations – sound installations by Christine Schörkhuber and Noid

The concluding events of this year’s concert cycle FriFormA\V are a product of a one month’s working residence of  Christine Schörkhuber and Arnold Haberl aka Noid.

Album recording with Tilen Lebar and Szilárd Benes at Rotunda in Selo

Between 23 and 25 August Slovenian saxophonist Tilen Lebar and Hungarian clarinetist Szilár Benes are having a 3-day recording session for Edition FriForma at Rotunda in Selo.

The third event of the year in the series FriFormA\V tonight in Cirkulacija 2!

SCATTER RADAR is a real-time audio-visual performance centered around the largest incoherent scatter radar observatory in the world, The Jicamarca (Peru) Radio Observatory.

6. Reciklart – art festival of recycling and DIY culture kicks off today

6. Reciklart is announcing an exciting programme that will take place between 12 and 15 August at Alkatraz Gallery, Night Display Gallery Pešak and at Square Without Historical Memory. Come around, it will be great!

KUD Mreža’s varied cooperation with Ljubljana Street Art Festival

On Monday, 29 June with the opening of exhibition “All Is Super” by Finnish designer Linda Söderholm at Night Display Gallery Pešak, a diverse cooperation between KUD Mreža and the second edition of Ljubljana Street Art Festival begins.