Studio Asylum – List of Artists in Residency 2020

On longer term residencies we have hosted more than 33 artists who presented their outcomes either in the form of: an artwork, an exhibition, a concert,  etc.

21th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns is just about to start!

The 21st edition of the feminist and queer festival of Red Dawns Festival invites you back into our embrace… With your consent, of course!

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Audio-visual video game with Szilárd Benes and Christof Ressi at Ozmo/za

The next FriFormA\V event will explore the possibilites of aciting on and interacting with the virtual-reality systems, using both the physicality of the performers and the musical sounds.

September edition of FriForma with a visit from two rare configurations

Tomaž Grom and Zlatko Kaučič play, each in his own way and place, an important role in the local improvisation musical scene, but they have rarely been heard together especially in the duo.

The Remains – Retrospective exhibition by Damijan Kracina

The exhibition is an overview of Kracina’s work spanning over a decade, of his ‘wholesome imaginatively created world’, drawing inspiration from the animal environment and the author’s relationship with human civilization.

5. Reciklart – Art Festival of Recycling and DIY Culture from 6 to 10 August

There is a diverse programme – workshops, concerts, performances, exhibitions, film screenings and much more, including good vibes and a lot of great company! Save the date!

This year’s Art Festival of Recycling and DIY Culture Reciklart calls for volunteers

Preparations of the 5. Art Festival of Recycling and DIY Culture Reciklart – which will be held on 6-10  August – are in full speed, therefore we invite you all to join us in co-creating the festival!

Lighting Guerrilla at Alkatraz Gallery: RaumZeitPiraten – About the Impossibility of Borders

You are kindly invited to the opening of “About the Impossibility of Borders” exhibition by RaumZeitPiraten art collective on 23 May, Thursday at 9.30 pm at Alkatraz Gallery. The exhibition is part of the 13th International Festival of Lighting Guerrilla.

This year’s V:NM Festival premieres music documentary “Improcon – Heartful of Music”

The 52-minute film is an intimate and documentary-style visual story on Improcon 2017, about improvised music in general, and a certain vision of free-thinking.

February FriForma concert with Taku Sugimoto’s new trio

Guitarist Taku Sugimoto, laptop/electronic musician Léo Dupleix, double bassist Félicie Bazelaire, voice performer Irena Z. Tomažin, and double bassist Tomaž Grom – all on 21 February, Thursday at 20.00 at Klub Gromka, Ljubljana.

Basic Bricks Of Logic 1 by Julij Borštnik at Alkatraz Gallery

The project Basic Bricks Of Logic 1 is the continuation of the artist’s collaboration with the Vienna gallery Schleifmüehlgasse resulting in the exhibition The Measure Of Profit, and is designed as a minimalist sculpture installation.

FriForma, Confine Aperto and Defonija are joining forces at this year’s City Of Women festival

KUD Mreža, Zavod Sploh and Miha Zadnikar are sharing an exciting evening with two sets of music as a side event of City Of Women festival, presenting outstanding female artists at Španski borci.

Kaja Avberšek’s Mile as a mural painting and ambient installation

October will again be coloured by comics! TINTA – Ljubljana Comics Festival will take place from 2 until 14 October at various locations in Ljubljana, as well as spilling over into Kranj and Koper.