The third event of the year in the series FriFormA\V tonight in Cirkulacija 2!

SCATTER RADAR is a real-time audio-visual performance centered around the largest incoherent scatter radar observatory in the world, The Jicamarca (Peru) Radio Observatory.

6. Reciklart – art festival of recycling and DIY culture kicks off today

6. Reciklart is announcing an exciting programme that will take place between 12 and 15 August at Alkatraz Gallery, Night Display Gallery Pešak and at Square Without Historical Memory. Come around, it will be great!

Alkatraz Gallery

Night Display Gallery Pešak

Gesamtkunstwerk Metelkova

Studio Asylum





Red Dawns




KUD Mreža’s varied cooperation with Ljubljana Street Art Festival

On Monday, 29 June with the opening of exhibition “All Is Super” by Finnish designer Linda Söderholm at Night Display Gallery Pešak, a diverse cooperation between KUD Mreža and the second edition of Ljubljana Street Art Festival begins.

FemLink-Art: group exhibition at Alkatraz Gallery curated by Veronique Sapin

Alkatraz Gallery shall confront two topics of video collages – Aggression and Wonder – created by 44 artists who were chosen by one of the collective’s founders, curator Veronique Sapin.

Project S(v)odobnost: Short Glossary of Contemporary Art Terms

Within the framework of S(v)odobnost project we have prepared an art history glossary of contemporary art terms which provides adequate information to school students, teachers and other curious minds.

Studio Asylum announces list of artists in residence in 2020

Since 2010, more than 33 artists have participated in long-term residency programs, presenting their final work in form of exhibitions, concerts, research presentations etc.

21. International Feminist And Queer Festival – Red Dawns begins

The 21st edition of the feminist and queer festival of Red Dawns Festival invites you back into our embrace… With your consent, of course!

Voting for Bodeča Neža 2019-2020 has started

To whom will this dishonorable reward is going to belong? We leave the decision to you. You can vote until 29 February, Saturday until midnight on this website: Bodeča Neža.

FriFormA\V event series starts its season with Billy Roisz and dieb13

Concert season of FriFormA\V series starts on 13 February 2020, at 21.00 at Osmo/za with a new project by TWIXT in which Billy Roisz and dieb13 combine their film and music works.

Audio-visual video game with Szilárd Benes and Christof Ressi at Osmo/za

The next FriFormA\V event will explore the possibilites of aciting on and interacting with the virtual-reality systems, using both the physicality of the performers and the musical sounds.

September FriForma with two unusual line-ups

Tomaž Grom and Zlatko Kaučič play, each in his own way and place, an important role in the local improvisation musical scene, but they have rarely been heard together especially in the duo.